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Bitcoin is a prominent player in the crypto market, and everyone wants to know about the current Bitcoin news. The Bitcoin alternative that are major competitors of the cryptocurrency is collectively called Altcoins. Whether you are a trader or just a crypto enthusiast, it is imperative to get all the authentic information regarding altcoin trading as well.
[read more] Coin Gyaan is your ideal altcoin news partner that offers you the latest updates regarding altcoin exchange, price analysis, live charts, etc. We will always keep you updated regarding the happening of altcoins. There are instances where altcoins majorly dominate Bitcoin, so you must be aware of all the industry’s happenings regarding altcoins.

What is Altcoin and Why You Need to Know About Altcoin News Today?

Commonly known as Bitcoin alternative, altcoins are all the cryptocurrencies that were launched after Bitcoin became hugely popular. Generally, altcoins tout themselves as a better option than Bitcoin. There are around more than 5000 altcoins as of 2020. According to blockchain news today, altcoin has around 35% of the total cryptocurrency market.

From altcoin trading to its price analysis, you need to know about all the altcoin news that will give you a clear idea regarding the best option for trading in cryptocurrency.

Coin Gyaan pledges to provide you with unbiased and authentic news updates regarding altcoins every day. We regularly update our blogs and articles of altcoin news to keep you in pace with the recent crypto industry proceedings.