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Register with Poloniex Futures Championship to get $100,000 Giveaway!

The world’s oldest crypto exchange, poloniex is rapidly expanding to different regions and constantly upgrading its services. These expansions and upgrades have been seen despite of market conidtions. As of now the platform has over 400+ cryptocurrencies listed on it. Poloniex has both spot and derivatives marketplaces and has newly started the cross-margin trading service additionally.

Poloniex is continue its presence after its Global tour, and recently have partnered with Octaloop to host a roadshow in different metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad followed by a main event in Bengaluru Metamorphosis 2022 on the 19th and 20th of November. These events have got a great impact and brought it to the attention of many crypto users in the industry.

In these meetups and main event, the team have presented their roadmap and plans of expansion as well as hyperlocalization in India. Along with this, the team has technically upgrading its interface and bringing new features on the platform.

In partnership with chilliz, poloniex has listed different fan tokens on the platform. With these fan token users can trade, vote, get VIP access, rewards and super fan recognition of their favourite soccer club. Other than this, the exchange is also hosting several campaigns related to FIFA worth $100,000 and Futures.

The Futures competition contains rewards worth of $1,000,000 rewards. It includes Maserati, Tesla Model-3 and iPhone 14 pro max as gifts. This campaign is live already, it had started on 10th December will go long till 30th December. It is designed not only for large volume traders, but also for small traders with different terms and conditions.

This futures campaign has different types of activities to get eligible in it, like Team Battles, Daily check-ins, Daily performers and lucky draws as well. Winners of these different activities can win coupons, become team captains and can get digital certificate rewards too.

Check the campaign details here :

As we all know in the recent crash of the crypto market because of the FTX issue had massive decline in user’s portfolios and In the case of Centralized exchanges, many platforms have seen liquidations and transfer of assets to cold wallets. But the poloniex team had announced that they had no financial exposure to FTX or any other third parties on their platform. Alongside they mentioned that they are also working on the proof of reserves documentation where they are planning to show the safety and how they are managing user funds in their official announcement.

Poloniex is organizing regular campaigns and hosting different events in India stay updated in their channels and check out their platform and the recent changes and do your own research.

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