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Any kind of the access provided to the users of our services is subject to certain conditions, which include the due compliance and acceptance of all these terms and conditions. These are applicable more or less to everyone who visits, uses or accesses our services.

You are confined and bound to follow the terms and conditions by subscribing or accessing our services. Disagreement is not the choice as you will not be able to access any of the services then.

Links to Other Web Sites

At times, our services may have the links to third-party web sites that is not the intellectual property of Coin Gyaan. We do not control or own any such services.

In no circumstances, Coin Gyaan holds the responsibility to any kind of control of the content, the privacy policies or all other types of practices undertaken by the third party. Therefore, Coin Gyaan, at any time, would not assume the responsibility of any direct/indirect liability for any such damage caused or alleged to be caused by such services or content present on the website. No reliance or responsibility of any such cause would be taken by us. It is duly advised and recommended to go through all the terms and conditions of the related links of third party which are present on our website.

 Termination of services

Termination of all the services totally depend on us. We may suspend or terminate them completely without any kind of prior notice or liability, which include any reason whatsoever. Any breach of terms can also lead to such consequences without any limitations.

Some provisions and clauses in the existing part of terms and conditions which need to be eliminated or terminated, will duly be terminated with some exceptions that may include without limitation i.e. provisions of the ownership, disclaimers and the limitations of liability.

Governing Law

All the terms are formally enacted in accordance with the laws of Punjab, India, free of contradiction without any regard to the conflicts of law.

Any failure to conduct or enforce any such right or provision of these terms and conditions will not be, at any cost, considered a waiver of those rights. In any case, if the provision or a clause of these terms and conditions is ruled invalid or unenforceable by the court, the other provisions will remain intact and unaffected. Moreover, these Terms and conditions make up the whole agreement or contract between us regarding the service, which may consequently lead to supersede or replace any other prior agreements that we might have had between us.

Changes in terms and conditions

Coin Gyaan completely reserves the right solely to further modify, replace or change these terms and conditions at any time. In case of any revision material getting uploaded, a prior notice will provided, the timeline may range between 25 to 30 days, but all the regarding information of all the new terms which may take effect will be given or vice versa. But, it will also be left solely to us to decide what exactly constitutes a material change.

If you continue to access and use our services even after the revision phase, you will have to abide by the new terms, you will be bound by those revisions that will take effect. You will have to agree with terms and conditions, the existing and the ones which may get updated over time in order to keep using the services.


All the published material by Coin Gyaan should never be considered any kind of legal, financial or investment advice. All the relevant analysis is based on the latest trends, so it should not by any means be considered an option or recommendation for investment purposes. It is duly advised by Coin Gyaan to carry out own research or rather speak with some qualified aficionados or experts of the relevant field for investment stakes. If still relied on the material provided by Coin Gyaan, no loss or inconvenience will be taken responsibility of.

No analysis or material on this website is for decision making purposed but solely related to informatory cause. Investment advice of any other financial settlements should only be done after consultation with relevant connoisseurs.

In no case will us or our team, affiliates, writers, authors be held responsible for any kind of damages caused or the liabilities attached to it. Rights and obligations may vary from state to state, so some limitations or use of service may apply to you but not to others.

All the claims, disputes, conflicts will be duly dealt under the rules of the Indian Punjab.

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