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Poloniex expanding its services in India

Poloniex is one of the earliest exchanges in this crypto industry, it has been expanding its services globally. Exploring different opportunities in the APAC region, the company has announced its expansion in India.

India has always been a great market for different industries to serve, however in the case of cryptocurrencies, it’s a bit uncertain as it doesn’t have a straightforward approach to it. But the regional crypto exchanges and other companies have seen massive growth in the cryptocurrency users and enthusiasts in the past couple of years. With various partnerships and promotions in this region, the Poloniex team has expanded its services by allowing Indian users to register and trade various cryptocurrencies.

Expansion in the India region:

In the roadmap for 2022, global expansion is one of the main objectives of Poloniex which includes LATAM, MENA, CIS and APAC regions. It has recently partnered with one of the leading platforms operating in the Ethereum scaling and web3 ecosystem, Polygon. Polygon is one of the famous products from India to have a greater global presence. Its scalping solutions have been widely adopted and it has over 3 billion transactions processed globally. This partnership of Poloniex and Polygon is more focused on the adoption and fostering of the development of the Web3 ecosystem. Through this partnership, they are trying to strengthen its place in the Indian market allowing its users to benefit from a wide range of products and services.

Poloniex team is more concentrated in this market, as it sees a greater potential and optimistic audience in India. It has recently started its social presence in India with dedicated telegram and Instagram handles for India.

Poloniex Global Tour:

As a part of its global expansion, Poloniex has been organizing an offline event called Poloniex Global Tour. Recently, the team has successfully hosted an event in Malaysia, and now planning to organize one in India in July 2022 as to announce its expansion and their newly launched trading system.

About Poloniex:

Poloniex is operating since 2014, it is one of the oldest, most trusted and reliable crypto exchanges available in the market. With a very simple and easy to the user interface with apps available for both android and ios users. With over 350 cryptocurrencies listed platform is well known for its low fee structure and no KYC limit for up to $ 50,000 (with 2FA enabled). With over 200 spot and 25 margin trading pairs available, Poloniex users can also trade perpetual swap contracts with up to 100x leverage on futures.

The cryptocurrency market in the Indian region is still in ambiguous condition. However, later the taxation policies the growth aspect of this space in the Indian region is not decreasing. Poloniex also sees greater potential in this region. In future, with its new trading system, Poloniex strives to enhance the user experience and security details. It also hopes the partnership with polygon will be great potential to operate in the web3 ecosystem to build a great community.

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