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Creduce Launches India’s First Super Sustainability Blockchain Token – KICHEE

  • One KICHEE token is 100 kgs of CO2 or equivalent averted emission in a given year
  • KICHEE will be linked to audited CO2 reduction projects such as renewable energy, water credits, methane avoidance, plastic recycling, etc.
  • Creduce is targeting combating global warming and climate change with the Blockchain token
  • It will enable corporates to reduce carbon footprint, attain better ESG ratings, achieve net-zero targets, and become sustainable
  • Individuals can use KICHEE to contribute to Climate Change mitigation by reducing their carbon footprint

Creduce Technologies Private Limited (CTPL), a pioneer in climate change mitigation technologies, is launching India’s first super sustainability blockchain token – KICHEE. Creduce aims to enable individuals and businesses to smoothly adopt a carbon-neutral investment using the KICHEE token. The proposed token launch date is 31st May 2022 and the pre-launch sale starts 10th May 2022, onwards. One KICHEE token will be 1/10th of a sustainability credit and there will be 1 Crore KICHEE tokens to be minted and listed.

Substantiated by certified credits from Audited Projects, KICHEE tokens will allow people to buy, hold, sell or burn sustainability credits. Being the first-ever super sustainability credit token from India, KICHEE holders will reduce not just carbon footprints but on many other fronts as well.

KICHEE is a super sustainability token because it is not just an emission averted via carbon emissions. It includes credits generated from other emission averting projects like water credits, plastic recycling, waste handling, biomass handling, methane avoidance, etc. KICHEE coins can be used in gaming, Metaverse, trading, offset emissions, gifting, barter, and digital asset.

Talking about launching its own blockchain token, Shailendra Singh Rao, Founder of CTPL, said, “Carbon credits are emerging as a new asset class for anyone concerned about climate change and related issues. In a world that is heading towards Digitalization, Decentralization, and Democratization, blockchain tokens have a bright future. We are launching KICHEE to enable everyone from the individual to institutional levels to have the most credible asset if they understand the need to contribute to climate change mitigation. It is a new way to help the world participate in combating climate change and global warming.”

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KICHEE will be dynamically priced as there is no single market that sets global prices for carbon credits. The limited liquidity and volatile pricing of individual credits make the investment in KICHEE a special risk. The blockchain token will be listed on Binance, Wazirx, Coinswitch, Coinbase, Opensea, and Coindcx, and trading in KICHEE will be available 24/7.

About Creduce:

Established in 2012 by Shailendra Singh Rao and Vishwaraj Singh Rao, Creduce is Ahmedabad-based, India’s leading services provider in the field of climate change and carbon asset management. Creduce provides services to enable people and businesses to live a ‘carbon conscious’ life, a concept that is aggressively defining the landscape of how we live and utilize the earth and its resources.

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