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5 Best Electroneum Wallets To Store Your ETN Coins Safely

Electroneum is a cryptocurrency that was created with the aim to cater to the masses. That is, you can use ETN like everyday currency – transfer it to people in exchange for services (games mostly) wherever accepted, hold it in a wallet, etc. Anyone with a smartphone and internet can use this currency by simply downloading an app on their mobile phones. As for mining, the wallet you create will simulate that for you.

Speaking of a wallet for ETN, there are several wallets that promise to keep your currency safe. So, if you are looking for the best Electroneum wallet to store your preferred crypto coins in, your search ends here.

Since all your coins will have a key in the blockchain, for using the coin, you need to remember the key. After all, storing the key is one of the reasons why you need the wallet in the first place. So, for protecting your currency from the hackers, you can have all your keys written on a paper or on a PDF document.

For this, you can download an offline wallet generator app on the computer, go through the steps it requires you to take, and download the PDF document it generates for you in a secure location. Remember to disconnect from the internet once you have the app on your desktop and delete the PDF after taking the print to escape the hackers.

Now, whenever you transfer the coins, use only public wallet address.

The official ETN app wallet is also a secure place to store all your crypto coins. It is an interactive app that anyone can use on their Android and iOS devices. The security this app offers for your currency is pretty high too as all the information is secured into a centralized database and the user is only required to remember the PIN.

However, even though the app sounds foolproof for securing your e-wallets, it is not. Hackers can, in one way or the other (through software or hardware), discover security breaches and attack all the 4 Billion coins stored in the wallet at once.

ETN also provides its official web wallet for its users who prefer keeping all their records online only, so that, even if their computer or phone is targeted, their fortune remains secure.

Like the mobile wallet, the web wallet also requires two-factor verification from all its users – PIN and Captch – to make sure that no one else but you are able to access it.

If you believe that it is the cellphones that are more vulnerable to hackers and you want to keep you ETN secure on your desktop, then ETN’s official app is available for your Windows, Linus, and Mac PCs too.

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When you are using the desktop wallet app, make sure that you verify the desktop wallet address before making the transaction.

Even though a bit technically challenging, an Electroneum Command Line Interface wallet will allow you to manage your currency, transfer and receive it, view your balance, mine new coins, etc. you will have to run a fully synced node of blockchain while installing the wallet so that it can run securely on your Windows, Linux, and Mac desktops. There you go! You can use the above apps and wallets to hold, mine, and manage your crypto currency securely.

Monesh Kumar
Monesh Kumar
Monesh Kumar is a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast. He trades cryptocurrencies and holds some but he prefers holding Bitcoin, Ethereum & Cardano.

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