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Tezos India Game Launchpad Announces Strategic Partnership with IndiGG to Increase the Uptake of Web3 Games in the Indian Subcontinent

TIGL and IndiGG to work jointly on activities like community building, launching growth hacks, and cross-marketing initiatives 

Tezos India Game Launchpad (TIGL), a dedicated vertical and platform rolled out by Tezos India to comprehensively enable game developers to launch their games on the Tezos blockchain, has announced entering into a strategic partnership with IndiGG, India’s biggest gaming guild and a sub-DAO of Yield Guild Games. This partnership will enable Tezos India to fully utilize the potential of their Game Launchpad by leveraging IndiGG’s deep domain expertise, which will assist them in boosting the adoption of web3 gaming in India.

As a part of this collaboration, TIGL and IndiGG will work hand-in-hand to strengthen and build the expanding web3 gaming ecosystem and promote the uptake of web3 games across the Indian subcontinent. Additionally, Tezos India and IndiGG will be working closely towards strengthening their respective ecosystems in a bid to onboard more and more games and game developers to web3.

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TIGL’s core focus is on developing a suite of essential tools and services for the creators and developers to focus on building gameplay in the web3 arena, instead of them worrying about blockchain technology and its technicalities. Once the games are launched on the blockchain, IndiGG will invest in purchasing NFTs and will lease them out to its community members to encourage them to play the game and thus stand a chance to earn exciting rewards. Furthermore, as a part of this collaboration, TIGL and IndiGG have together planned a host of upcoming activities ranging from community building, launching growth hacks, bounty campaigns, as well as various cross-marketing initiatives such as Twitter Spaces, AMAs, blog articles, and social media engagements.

Speaking on the partnership, Amanjot Malhotra, Head of Growth at Tezos India, who is spearheading the TIGL initiative, said, “We are excited to partner with IndiGG, one of the most-renowned gaming guilds in India. Through this association, we will be able to expand the play-to-earn opportunities in India and onboard passionate Indian gamers into web3 gaming. The partnership will further enable us to proliferate this space rapidly and be at the forefront of the blockchain gaming industry in India. Going forward, our key focus will be to empower the budding web3 gamers and the gaming studios in our country.”

Ayush Gupta, Growth Lead, IndiGG adds, “We at IndiGG are very focused on growing the web3 gaming development ecosystem in India and across the world by incubating and helping developers make the best web3 games that they can envision. And to that end, we are now delighted to be working with TIGL along similar lines. With TIGL, we are aiming to equip gamers to discover the future of gaming on web3 and embark on a journey into virtual worlds where they own their digital assets.”

With a massive base of over 500 million+ gamers, India’s gaming sector is today experiencing a once-in-a-generation turning moment in terms of awareness, size, growth, and opportunity to spend, making it one of the largest markets for blockchain and web3-based gaming in the world. IndiGG lends NFT assets to gamers so that they can play and earn completely for free, and also aids the gamers through scholarships wherein they aren’t required to spend any capital to have access to an IndiGG partnered game. By playing the games with NFTs lent by IndiGG, web3 gamers can earn a great income from these games by acquiring in-game cryptocurrencies and/or NFTs.

In the upcoming months and years, TIGL plans to onboard several web3 game projects, wherein the gamers can interact with individuals who share their interests and tap into potential sources of revenue with the aid of guilds like IndiGG. They envision a major chunk of the nation’s gamers moving to the web3 area in the years to come by creating high-caliber games through the TIGL incubation program and cooperation with IndiGG.

About Tezos India Game Launchpad:

TIGL is a comprehensive incubation program for creators and developers looking to build games on the Tezos blockchain, providing everything from defining the roadmap, token economics, and obtaining the grant to launch the project, to giving technical support and putting the game on the blockchain. It intends to develop a suite of essential tooling and services for creators and developers to focus on building gameplay, instead of worrying about blockchain technology.

About Tezos India:

Tezos India is an organization supporting the Tezos ecosystem in the Indian sub-continent and is a grantee of the Tezos Foundation. As innovation in the blockchain space advances in India, Tezos India constantly strives to address key barriers facing blockchain adoption in India through developer adoption, education & training, and ecosystem development. Tezos is a self-upgradable blockchain that enables forkless upgrades with its on-chain governance system, improving accessibility and longevity for solutions built and utilized by the Tezos community.

About IndiGG:

Powered by Polygon, IndiGG is a sub-DAO of Yield Guild Games that aims to create a web3 gaming hub in India. IndiGG is developing a platform where players may explore the future of gaming and embark on a journey into the virtual worlds where they own their digital assets. By offering educational opportunities, gaming scholarships, and skill-enhancing bootcamps, IndiGG is preparing Indian gamers for the play-to-earn revolution.

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