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What Is Litecoin And It’s Features?

Cryptocurrencies are extraordinarily famous nowadays, and the frenzy to collect cryptocurrencies maintains well into 2018.

You would possibly have heard of best Bitcoin in case you are new to the crypto area.

However, But there are masses of altcoins apart from Bitcoin, and every altcoin comes up with its personal precise technology and vision to trade the sector.

One such cryptocurrency goes by means of the name of Litecoin

What Is Litecoin

Litecoin is the sector’s first altcoin, and prefer Bitcoin, it became designed as a peer-to-peer open sourced global payment community that is blanketed with the aid of encryption.

Although Litecoin shares a few of the identical characteristics as Bitcoin, there are still essential differences between both currencies.

Litecoin become created lower back on seventh Oct 2011 by means of Charlie Lee, an ex-Google employee, who cease running in an effort to consciousness on Litecoin complete time. Charlie may be very lively on Twitter. You can read his weblog right here. Litecoin became designed to complement Bitcoin via solving issues like transaction timings and focused mining swimming pools.

Originally, Litecoin changed into a fork or derivative from Bitcoin however with a few changes. Charlie Lee modified the code and protocol in the manner he taken into consideration best so as to attain huge-scale adoption of the currency, and Litecoin attracted a variety of interest and finished a $1 billion value by using 2013. Litecoin’s cost had grown to $2.253 billion through August 16, 2017.

Lee wanted to reduce block affirmation timings of 10 minutes to two.5 mins, which might allow for both faster transaction clearance and in turn, lower transaction fees than Bitcoin.

Litecoin is presently one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies along with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Ripple and XLM. The motives why Litecoin is inside the pinnacle 10 is that it may be sold thru fundamental altcoin wallets and exchanges along with Coinbase and GDAX, and is likewise one of the currencies supported via essential cloud-primarily based mining operations such as Genesis.

What Is Litecoin Used For?

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, and like Bitcoin, Litecoin additionally exists at the net as virtual money. However, it’s far based on an entirely one of a kind protocol. It becomes conceived to behave like pure digital money, which means that no person can feel, touch, or mint it.

Litecoin is likewise open source, decentralized, and subsidized with the aid of cryptographic math to maintain finances and transactions at ease and private.

Just like Bitcoin, Litecoin makes use of an era referred to as Blockchain to store price range, and when you consider that it is a blockchain-based totally cryptocurrency, Litecoin may be mined and traded as an funding.

An Advanced Next Generation Cryptocurrency

Litecoin is a tremendously-superior next generation cryptocurrency, and that is one of the motives why it has ended up so popular.

The cause why investors have to pay attention to Litecoin is due to the fact this cryptocurrency is a massive favored of engineers and designers who are trying to increase new uses for altcoins. Today, Litecoin is honestly used by many engineers to test out new applications and solutions as a way to be multiplied by different cryptocurrencies.

It’s crucial to note that Litecoin became the first of the top 5 cryptocurrencies (via market cap) to appoint an advanced encryption technology called Segregated Witness (aka “SegWit”) in May 2017.

The Team at the back of Litecoin

Charlie Lee released Litecoin on GitHub in 2011.

However, Litecoin didn’t have any full-time builders from 2011-2016. Initially, only Charlie Lee and Warren Togami (the lead developer) had been related to the Litecoin open source project.

A developer below the alias call “Shaolinfry” joined the Litecoin group voluntarily in 2016.

It’s crucial to observe that Charlie Lee is also a member of the Litecoin Foundation, a non-earnings organization registered in Singapore. The organization strives to advance Litecoin for the good of society via developing and promoting present day blockchain technology.

Litecoin is also made of the Litecoin Core development team. This team includes all developers of the Litecoin task. Both the Core crew and the Litecoin Foundation work carefully collectively and share economic and technical guide.

How Many Litecoins Will There Be?

Litecoin was the first one to perceive the restrained supply of 21 million bitcoins, so Litecoin came up with a 4X supply of Bitcoins.

The Litecoin community is scheduled to provide 84 million Litecoins. Currently, there are approximately fifty-three million units in movement, which means that there are 31 million units but to be mine.

A Litecoin block is mined every 2.5 mins, and 25 cash is generated, which makes 14, four hundred Litecoins an afternoon.

Litecoin Features

Litecoin seeks to put in force technological advances that permit it to preserve its function as a leading cryptocurrency, along with:

Widely Available Resources

You can discover well-known information about Litecoin as well as a list of exchanges and services that aid Litecoin. Up-to-the-minute network stats may be located at Litecoin Block Explorer Charts, whilst fashionable records can be found at the Litecoin Wiki. One extra thing worth noting is that the source code for Litecoin Core is all open and available to everyone via GitHub.


The Litecoin blockchain can take care of better transaction quantity when in comparison to Bitcoin, and the purpose for that is due to the fact the Litecoin blockchain has greater frequent block generation. By implementing frequent block technology, SegWit, and Lightening the Litecoin community helps excessive volume transactions without needing to regulate the software in the destiny, which makes Litecoin extra efficient for traders and customers who gain from lower expenses and quicker confirmation instances.

Open Source Software

Litecoin is an open source software program and has an obvious launch process that allows the impartial verification of binaries and their corresponding supply code. The software program mission was launched below the MIT/X11 license. This means that users have the energy to run, modify, and duplicate the software and to distribute, at your alternative, changed variations of the software program.

Wallet Encryption

Your Litecoins can be encrypted like any excellent cryptocurrencies. You can take a look at your account stability, view transactions, and relaxed your pockets using the Litecoin assignment’s very own wallet. However, you’ll want to go into your password earlier than you spend Litecoins.


Litecoin uses an algorithm referred to as Scrypt which determines the mining manner for brand spanking new coins. Scrypt additionally permits for a higher diploma of parallel processing and is generally extra available for new miners than a greater conventional algorithm. With the Litecoin blockchain, miners are presently offered with 25 new Litecoin in keeping with the block, an amount that is halved every four years or about every 840,000 blocks. The Litecoin community is scheduled to provide 84 million Litecoins. This is 4 instances as many currency devices as Bitcoin.

Industry Integration

Litecoin becomes at the beginning a fork of Bitcoin. As an end result, the two currencies nonetheless proportion a number of the equal traits. Litecoin is, therefore, one of the maximum well-integrated cryptocurrencies in the region and is also sponsored up by way of a loyal and passionate community. It also enjoys a wide variety of guide across the complete industry. Litecoin is nicely supported by way of exchanges, developers, net casinos, online and offline traders, and ATMs.

3 Reasons Why I Now Like Litecoin

In the past I idea it a useless redundancy and a distraction from bitcoin’s boom efforts. I actually have changed my mind for three motives:

1 – Money. If you need to maximize your ROI litecoin mining is the way to move. It fees much less to get a GPU than to get an ASIC or a FGPA and Litecoins have been strong to approximately .02 BTC lately, irrespective of BTC’s fluctuation relative to the USD. This way if you are trying to get the maximum USD ROI you’ll mine litecoin. Look at this page and check “Ratio vs BTC” to discover most profitability.

2 – Safety. Litecoin acts as a hedge against a BTC >50% assault. If bitcoin receives overtaken by using ASIC electricity it’s going to now not have an effect on Litecoin due to Scrypt.

3 – Anonymity. Litecoin is the remaining bitcoin washing machine. If I promote bitcoin for litecoin, switch that litecoin to a brand new wallet, after which my litecoin proper returned to bitcoin, so long as I use 4 precise wallets, it is definitely impossible to trace the cash. This is because I now have “clean” bitcoins that came from a patron or institution of various consumers at the open marketplace and they have gone to a new smooth pocket that is untraceable to my antique pockets. This can be used in conjunction with throwaway money owed on many exchange sites and cold garage instead of cloud garage to maximize anonymity with relative ease.

In end, I even have observed that litecoin has the theoretical, intrinsic and sensible fee, at least a number of which isn’t presented by a bitcoin-handiest system. Right now litecoin is also especially easy to mine and make the most of.

Monesh Kumar
Monesh Kumar
Monesh Kumar is a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast. He trades cryptocurrencies and holds some but he prefers holding Bitcoin, Ethereum & Cardano.

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