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WazirX Introduces its New Feature – The Smart Token Fund

WazirX Introduces its New Feature – The Smart Token Fund

WazirX is a well-reckoned cryptocurrency exchange that envisions to make the trading experience of users more secure, efficient, and streamlined. The creators constantly aim to bring new and advanced features to make further the crypto-trading process more seamless for their users. Smart Fund Token Fund is one such feature by WazirX that aims to assist traders and investors in making well-informed trading decisions.

People often make bad trading decisions because they lack adequate knowledge as well as expertise with regards to the particular coin or exchange. This is why traders, especially new ones, often fail to earn profits. Moreover, there are many traders who don’t have enough time to evaluate the market and make a wise trading decision. These challenges hold back willing investors from entering into the cryptocurrency domain and enjoy the benefits that it renders.

Smart Token Fund is a feature that allows such traders to safeguard their money in the highly uncertain domain of cryptocurrency. This feature has democratized the trading expertise for everyone, offering easy access to this extensive market.

What is Smart Token Fund?

Smart Token Fund is a streamlined community-driven initiative by WazirX where cryptocurrency traders can easily identify smart traders and have the opportunity to grow their cryptocurrency portfolio on the platform. STF has a diverse group of experienced and professional traders who trade on behalf of the inexperienced traders, and in return, earn a certain profit percentage. The Smart Trading Fund works differently for both traders and investors

Allowing Investors to Grow

Smart Token Fund allows investors to select their preferred STF trader, depending on the token they offer, performance, trading history, etc. subsequently, the trader will use his/her expertise and manage investors profile. While traders manage the profile, investors can track the progress of their portfolio. Furthermore, the traders can only trade on behalf, but they don’t have the right to withdraw the money.

An Opportunity for Experienced Traders to Reinforce Their Expertise

By allowing investors to make a higher profit, it enables experienced traders to strengthen their trading profile while generating gains. Traders can form their unique Smart Token and let investors purchase it. Traders get to trade on behalf of the investors and manage their profile. In return, they get to keep a percentage of the profit that traders make for the investors.

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Benefiting Traders and Investors Alike

Cryptocurrency is an extensive and highly volatile domain. If you possess adequate knowledge and experience, you can make substantial profits by trading in this sphere. However, not everyone who is willing to invest in cryptocurrency; this is why we witness traders jumping in and out of the market so quickly. Smart Fund Token by WazirX allows novice investors to get assistance from expert traders in order to make wiser trading decisions. These traders put in their expertise and perform trading on behalf of the investors to make profits and get a percentage of that in return. On the whole, this advanced feature benefits investors and traders to expand their horizons in the cryptocurrency market.

Monesh Kumar
Monesh Kumar
Monesh Kumar is a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast. He trades cryptocurrencies and holds some but he prefers holding Bitcoin, Ethereum & Cardano.

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