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Taki, a token powered social network for content creators, will launch soon in India 

  • Taki is incubated at SuperLayer, a leading Web3 venture studio
  • Solana Foundation has partnered with Taki and provided a USD 2.5M fund to on-board content creators onto Taki
  • Interested users can sign up to join the waitlist and participate in the upcoming community token sale in April

Taki, a global token-powered social network, is all set to launch the platform for users and content creators in India. India takes precedence and priority among other markets that Taki plans to expand into this year. The platform is currently invite-only, but users can sign up on the waitlist with public access coming soon. Taki brings a unique engagement platform for creators, users, and crypto enthusiasts, who can earn a daily income by simply posting content and chatting with others about things that interest them.

Users on the platform earn $TAKI, a crypto token, by creating content that other users enjoy, and by commenting on and liking posts. Taki also allows users to create their own user coin to build their own personal economy on the Taki platform. Taki aims to reward users who are spending their time every day on the internet to get entertained and engage socially. Engaging over the content themes and common passions, the users of Taki now have the opportunity for being economically rewarded with every single post exchanged, shared, or liked either by fans or the creators.

The platform allows users to earn in two ways, one through the crypto token $TAKI, and the second through individual user coins for every user ($UCOIN). In both ways, a user can earn by creating content that other users enjoy, or even by pursuing a basic level of engagement activities such as commenting on and liking the posts.

Taki becomes the first platform to introduce the concept of user coin ($UCOIN). A user coin is a monetary representation of the personal social network, where a user can buy and sell user coins using a $TAKI token. User coins can generate a new source of income for creators who are traditionally reliant on sponsored content deals. It allows users to control their personal economy with a branded coin that they own.

Taki introduces a multi-tiered crypto-economy design by allowing users to freely trade their user coins with others on Taki. It also allows existing users to buy a particular creator’s user coins at the initial stages and remain part of that creator’s economy while their community and token economy grows.

Taki is built with an “Engage2Earn” product design and integrates user coins with social media features to incentivize and reward activities that benefit the Taki community. Incubated at SuperLayer, Taki received product design advice and networking support prior to the project’s independent spin-out and launch. Taki is built on the Solana Blockchain which allows Taki to provide fast and inexpensive transactions with low environmental impact. Solana has partnered with Taki to set up a 2.5 million USD creator fund to bring content creators to Taki who can drive a high level of awareness and enhance overall user engagement for the platform.

Commenting on the pre-launch phase, Sakina Arsiwala, Co-Founder, Taki said “Taki is a work of passion and an amalgamation of vision to bring a new dimension and meaning for social content consumption. Our vision is to enable liberalization in personal economy space with the power of crypto tokens. Taki is designed to be a secure, safe and tech superior product that enables social enthusiasts to consume, invest, share, transact and build a token-based content portfolio.”

Speaking on creating economic success for the content creators in cryptocurrency, she said, “India is a hub for creative talent, and has emerged as one of the biggest adopters of cryptocurrency in comparison to the other countries. The growth of the Indian engagement economy is rooted in the success and the immense reach of content creators. Content creators are building communities, and need to evolve in their journey along with their fans. More than just enabling social popularity on the platform, Taki presents an economically rewarding opportunity for creators and their fans through cryptocurrency.”

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The community token sale of $TAKI by the TAKI DAO is anticipated in April 2022 with the goal to enable broader distribution of $TAKI and promote awareness of the Taki project.

Towards Taki India launch, Kevin Chou, Managing Partner at SuperLayer said, “We are extremely excited about Taki as an emerging token-powered platform. We believe Taki is going to be a first of its kind to bridge the gap between normal netizens and Web3 experience at large. India has the real potential to nurture and grow the cryptocurrency ecosystem for the entire world.”  

About Taki

Taki is a global token-powered social network where everyone can earn a daily income by simply posting content and chatting with others about things that interest them. Users earn $TAKI, a crypto token, by creating content that other users enjoy, and by commenting on and liking posts. Taki also allows users to create their user coin to build their individual economy on the Taki platform.

About SuperLayer

SuperLayer is a community of builders creating transformative Web3 experiences that democratize opportunity and ownership of the internet. SuperLayer is made up of a team of crypto-passionate builders, founders, investors, operators, and product managers who’ve built multiple companies from zero-to-one and beyond. SuperLayer is a partner of the $RLY network, an open, decentralized network powered by its governance token, $RLY. It supports an ecosystem of consumer crypto applications to bring the next 100 million users into crypto.

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