Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Russia Open to Accepting Bitcoin Payment for Natural Gas

Russia is on record that they’re open to taking payments for their natural gas in bitcoin. This is coming right from the chair of their congressional energy committee. They said that, they’re willing to accept bitcoin for their natural gas.

The currencies used can be different and it’s a normal practice. If it’s bitcoin, then it’s bitcoin. They said, you want to pay us in US dollars that’s fine, you want to pay us in gold or the Rubal that’s fine, you want to pay us in bitcoin, that’s valuable to us too, we’ll take it.

And actually maybe we don’t know anymore about the US dollar, if they’re really accepting that but they will accept gold and they will accept bitcoin. Russia can trade with friendly countries in national currencies or bitcoin.

This is right from the chairman of the state Duma on energy. What was once unheard of this would have been crazy talk four or five years ago to think a nation state would do something like this but cut to today par for the course the dominoes continue to fall.

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Bitcoin is truly for everyone regardless of your personal opinion, Nation states are open to accept payment on a decentralized economy and remember bitcoin is for everyone. We see Ukraine refugees using bitcoin to transport wealth and funding their defense with BTC donations.

Russia now open to accepting bitcoin as payment for energy resources. Bitcoin is simply money for everyone, friends and enemies alike.

Azeem H
Azeem H
Azeem Haider is an aficionado of cryptocurrencies. He loves writing and is extremely passionate about educating readers about the latest markets and trends.

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