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Poloniex’s NTS, Expansion and Global Tour in India

The current crypto market has led the audience to think once again about investments in crypto. Regardless of whatever the market condition is, Poloniex which is one of the top crypto exchanges is more focused on evolving and enhancing its user experience and getting ready for the time ahead.

In a global staff meeting of Poloniex, H.E. Justin Sun discussed several proceeding operations and stated that the exchange will get through this crypto winter without any difficulty for which they require support in the coming months.

In this meeting, Justin Sun also discussed the key updates on the forthcoming new trading system and declared that the Black Swan has not affected Poloniex because its sound operations are exceptional risk management strategies that are effective.

Further stated, Poloniex’s strong capital had not let the platform use the high leverage trading, and the team is very optimistic for the future. It already has navigation plans for any risk with the help of its risk reserves. Hence, there is no impact of the current market condition on Poloniex.

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The progress of the company and the plans like the expansion, and a new trading system are continuously in process and they won’t affect anyway in this or any situation. On the other hand, they still looking forward to hiring more talents globally, yet more focused on the development of

Poloniex and its services.

Since its launch in 2014, Poloniex has witnessed many uncertainties, and it is about to complete the eighth year of its journey as one of the oldest exchanges in this industry. In any market situation or technical difficulties, Poloniex remained strong and didn’t freeze at all. Since then Poloniex is still moving further in its development, and yet in 2022, it’s planning for doubling the employee strength to increase the flow of operations. Looking at its roadmap and talent acquisitions, it seems Poloniex is going to be one of the strong players in this Industry.

As a part of the expansion, the team organized an event in Bengaluru, India last week where they had the Global Marketing Manager Kingsley Tan talking about the roadmap of Poloniex in coming quarters.

In his presentation, Kingsley mentioned the proper expansion plan in India, shared a glimpse of new trading system and explained the benefits of their referral system called the Space Traveller program.

In the panel discussion, they had influencers like Reshi Magada, Shilika Jain from CoinMarketCap, Astha from Polygon and Rhic from Biconomy. At this event, Kingsley and Syed who are responsible for the growth in India also mentioned that they are hopeful that the Indian government will support the crypto companies coming to India and they also see more opportunities in India amid taxation policies.


Even in this challenging market condition, Poloniex team hosted the expansion announcement event in India and the team has already a great plan of action for their tactical strategies. On top of that, they are hiring global talents to enhance the user experience with their new trading system and to support their global expansion.

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