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Could Your Favourite Game Really Earn You Bitcoins?

Who doesn’t love a good game with rewards? Research has long supported the theory of dopamine releases while playing games which promise a grand prize. This leads to higher motivation, lower stress levels and overall enhanced cognitive abilities, through game strategies. The concept of game rewards have evolved drastically over the last few years, from simple cash, movie tickets, coupons or vouchers, to Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Even when the possibility of a scam looms overhead, and some games disappoint, most hard-core gamers stay loyal to their favorites.

Bitcoin Blast, developed by Loaded, is one such game which will definitely stay true to its reputation and high ratings. Players can start by earning a number of satoshis, parts of a Bitcoin, like cents to dollars, and eventually build their way up, depending on how agile they can be. Cryptocurrency reward games have seen a boom recently, with another one, SuperCountries awarding a number of Ethereum as prizes.

Candy Crush lovers will fall head over heels for this one, as it’s completely the same, with the added reward of earning loyalty points, and cashing them out for cryptocurrency. Although very similar to Candy Crush, Bitcoin Blast has more vamped up colors and graphics, and is more aesthetically pleasing overall, which adds to the pleasure of playing.

Bitcoin Blast Coin Gyaan
Bitcoin Blast

Players need to register with an email ID, and password, to start earning loyalty points, to be eventually cashed in for satoshis or Bitcoins. The cash-in option is available on the loyalty points page, and the minimum amount is 1000 points, which is surprisingly easy and quick to earn. Before registering for the game, however, players need to create a Coinbase account, through which the coins earned will be transferred.

Bitcoin Blast Coin Gyaan
Bitcoin Blast

This is indeed a boon in disguise as Coinbase is the biggest cryptocurrency trading platform in the world. Thus, through Bitcoin Blast, enthusiastic players can get a very secure gateway to trade currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and much more. This may also work towards dispelling some of the myths around the dangers of trading cryptocurrencies.

It is also possible for the curious onlooker to start playing without registering first, to get a taste of the game, and see if it’s their cup of tea. There are several levels of the game, just like in Candy Crush, which may be a piece of cake for regular ardent players. Newbies, however, may need some time to get the gist of it, and will find it a pleasant challenge. The addition of a specific number of moves per level makes it even more thrilling, and is a test of strategy and farsightedness.

You can download the game from here.

Even though there are commercials after every level, with a little bit of patience and tenacity, Bitcoin Blast will reward players handsomely. Although it does take a fair bit of time to earn a significant number of Bitcoins, given the current cryptocurrency market, even a large number of satoshis can be a lucrative investment. Thus, it is definitely well worth it to persevere, not to mention an excellent stress buster as well!

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Overall, in my opinion, the game deserves a robust 4/5 stars, and is a gentle way to introduce players to the world of cryptocurrency. For now Android players can take advantage of this welcome distraction, while iOS players will have to be satisfied with a delightful challenge coming soon.

Monesh Kumar
Monesh Kumar
Monesh Kumar is a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast. He trades cryptocurrencies and holds some but he prefers holding Bitcoin, Ethereum & Cardano.

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